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Wide Span Molding Rack Beams

WSMR……Wide Span Molding Rack
B=Individual Beams
NL……Nominal Length
48″ to 96″ in 12″ increments
(1219 mm to 2438 mm
in 304 mm increments)
ND……Nominal Depth
2″ to 14″ in 6″ increments
(50 mm to 355 mm
in 152 mm increments)

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  • Add Molding Rack Beams and Vertical Divider Arms to standard Wide Span Frames to create an attractive Molding Rack
  • Beam Kits include top, middle, bottom and front beams
  • Mount front beam one slot higher than rear beam for a sloped deck; adding a front retainer beam keeps molding in place
  • Secure beams by bolting through frames in all situations
  • Individual Beams:
    • Top Beam–2″ standoff
    • Middle Beam–8″ standoff
    • Bottom Beam–14″ standoff
  • Standard finishes: Sahara or Blue Gray