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LEDge Light Beam Canopy Cover

HMGFLR…..Wide Span Gravity Feed Retainer
CONF….. Configuration=Size and Type
LDHM=Light-Duty Hypermaxi
RDHM=Regular-Duty Hypermaxi
HDHM=Heavy-Duty Hypermaxi
Wide Span:
LDWS=Light-Duty Wide Span
RDWS=Regular-Duty Wide Span
HDWS=Heavy-Duty Wide Span
NW….. 36″, 48″, 60″, 72″, 84″, or 96″
(914 mm, 1219 mm, 1524 mm,
1829 mm, 2134 mm, or 2438 mm)
OPT….. S=Starter Kit
A=Add-on Kit


  • Canopy installs over existing beams
  • End cover is sloped for more aesthetic appeal
  • Helps direct BEAM light down towards product


See the Electrical, Lighting and Signage Catalog for Beam LED Canopy Light details.