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Hypermaxi & Wide Span Sign Holder

HM….. Hypermaxi
SASH….. Single Arm Sign Holder
NL…..Height Length 12″ or 18″
(305 mm or 457 mm)
NH…..Nominal Height 06″ to 42″
in 6″ increments
(152 mm to 1067 mm
in 152 mm increment)
OPT1….. Blank=Arched Arm
SA=Straight Arm
OPT2….. E=End Facing
F=Front Facing


  • Mounts in Hypermaxi or Wide Span uprights and frames
  • Front facing option faces into aisle
  • End facing option faces over the end cap or at the end of a shelving run
  • Includes black cap at the end of wire
  • Hook-to-hook length: 12″=6.5″ and 18″=10.5″ (305 mm=155 mm and 457 mm=267 mm)
  • Sign graphics not included