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Cantilever Tubular Arms

HM….. Hypermaxi
RD….. Regular-Duty
OPT1….. C=Cantilever Tubular Arm with Upright
CN=Cantilever Tubular Arm (No Nose=No Upright)
OPT2….. Blank=Nose
N=No Nose
ND…..Nominal Depth 18″ to 30″ in 2″ increments
(457 mm to 762 mm in 510 mm increments)

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  • Available in two styles:
    ° HMRDC – used where Hypermaxi beam or Cantilever front canopy is hooked (includes a receiver for the beam clips)
    ° HMRDCNN – used in alternating uprights where it only supports the decks and deck supports are compatible (receiver for beam clips not included)