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Heavy-Duty Upright

HDU….. Heavy-Duty Upright
NH…..Nominal Height 36″ to 144″ in 6″ increments
(914 mm to 3658 mm in 152 mm increments)

Standard Upper Shelves (two-tab) can be installed 5″ (127 mm) from Base Shelf and Standard Upper Shelves (three-tab) 6″ (152 mm) from Base Shelf.
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  • Recommended for heavier loads placed near the top of the Upright to reduce deflection
  • Provides a 30% reduction in deflection, compared to the Madix Basic Upright [BU-(NH]
  • 1″ (25 mm) OC for flexibility plus maximum space
  • Reinforced Base Shoe [BSR-(ND)] is required when using a Heavy-Duty Upright. Load capacity becomes 18,000 inch-pounds
  • Levelers included
  • Upright Cap is not included (see UC)