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Rolling Gondola Grid Backs

RGDG….. RGD Grid
NW…..Nominal Width 36″ or 48″
(914 mm or 1219 mm)
NH…..Nominal Height 36″ to 72″ in 6″ increments
(914 mm to 1829 mm in 152 mm increments)

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  • Multi-grid offers a versatile grid pattern that accepts all 1″ (25 mm) and 3″ (76 mm) OC accessories
  • Mini-grid can only use 1″ (25 mm) OC peghooks and slatwall accessories, but it allows a denser visual display than multi-grid panels
  • Triple Track Backs can be installed in any of the three channels or omitted as needed (order Grid and Hardboard backs as required)