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Outside Corner Upper & Base Shelf

OC…..Outside Corner Shelf
TYPE….. BS=Base Shelf
US=Upper Shelf
ASD…..Adjacent Shelf Depth
10″ to 30″ in 2″ increments
(254 mm to 762 mm in 51 mm increments)
TAG….. Tag Mold Option:
BLANK=Painted Color of Shelf
DGA2A=Silver Finish
OPT…..Optional Covering:

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  • Utilizes space while maintaining continuity around a corner
  • Shelf depth approximately one-third less than adjoining shelf depths
  • Separate bracket utilizes modified standard shelf components to maintain
    appearance, strength and simple installation
  • Sizes match all Standard Upper and Base Shelves
Compatible with Basic Upright [BU-(NH)] ONLY!
DO NOT use with Heavy-Duty Upright [HDU-(NH)]!