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Open End Baskets

BS01……Open End Basket
ND……Nominal Depth 09″ (229 mm)
[Actual 11″ (279 mm)]
NW……Nominal Width 24″, 30″, 36″ or 48″
(610 mm, 762 mm, 914 mm or 1219 mm)


  • Designed to be flexible, OEBs can be configured two ways for strong, neat displays that clean easily, do not collect dust, and increase accessibility to merchandise
  • Reversible mounting for maximum display flexibility
  • Mounted from the back, baskets rest flat to create a neat wall of merchandise
  • Mounted from the front, baskets hang at 30˚ downslant, creating a gravity feed configuration
  • Recommended using minimum of three dividers for added support
  • Load capacity is 75 lbs for OEBs up to 16″ W (406 mm)
  • Standard finishes: Satin Black, Cream, Dove Gray, White, or Powder Chrome

Overall depth is approximately 2″ (51 mm) deeper than nominal depth.

Optional Roll-On Clips use finish code -C.