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Queuing Solutions

Streamline the checkout process, increase customer satisfaction, and boost sales with Madix’s queuing solutions! Our Luxe and Tube Line systems allow retailers to create customized queuing setups that draw attention to smaller SKUs and encourage impulse purchases.

Tube Line Queuing System
Tube Line Queuing is a simple, attractive solution for establishing order in the checkout area. This product is designed to help retailers implement single-line queuing systems that feed to multiple registers, thereby expediting the checkout process and minimizing customer frustration. Retailers also have the option of combining multiple units to accommodate a larger flow of traffic.

Luxe Queuing Systems
Luxe Queuing embodies everything a retailer needs in a queuing system: flexibility, creativity, and efficiency. Clean lines and rounded bases give Luxe Queuing an upscale feel with the allure of a custom look. The patent-pending, four-slotted posts allow retailers to extend the unit in four different directions, permitting more diversity in configurations and layout. Luxe Queuing is
also compatible with standard Maxi Line and Tube Line shelving and accessories.

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