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@Front Gen 5 System

@Front Gen 5 System

The @Front G5 converts most standard Madix shelves into a self-fronting, gravity-feed system, cutting manual labor costs and time while making merchandise more accessible to customers.

@Front helps retailers maintain the appearance of a neat, fully stocked display almost effortlessly. Durable roller segments replace traditional spring-pusher systems to reduce shrink, minimize
the number of mis-stocked items, and provide more flexibility for merchandising changes.

Order components for a complete system:

  • @Front Pitch Converter – required to create a 6° to 7° downtilt (standard 15° downtilt is too steep for roller systems) or Downtilt Shelf 7° [DTS7-(NW)(ND)] can be used without pitch converter
  • @Front G5 Rail Set
    ° Features slots to attach a plastic front/guard to the lip of the shelf
    ° Both ends of the Rail Set have provisions to snap-fit the roller track
    ° Includes pine-tree fasteners for attachment to standard shelf perforations
  • @Front G5 Roller Track – includes a single strip of rollers for smaller merchandise (use two or more tracks for larger/heavier merchandise)
  • @Front G5 Divider
    ° Snaps into the roller track to separate and retain merchandise columns
    ° Adjusts left or right using integrated ratchet
    ° Must be ordered in the same depth as the @Front G5 Roller Track
  • @Front Plastic Front Retainer – clear plastic front available in 2″, 3″, or 4″ (51 mm, 76 mm, or 102 mm)

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