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@Front Shelf Pitch Converter

AFPC ….@Front Pitch Converter
COLOR …. BGE=Beige


  • Downtilt of 6˚ to 7˚
  • Compatible with all Standard Upper Shelf [SUS-(NW)(ND)], Straight-in Insertion [STP(NW) (ND)], 18″ (457 mm) or smaller
  • Use of the Pitch Converter [AFP-(COLOR)] will increase the shelf depth by 21/2 (64 mm)
    Example: When a 14″ (356 mm) deep shelf is used with a Pitch Converter [AFP-(COLOR)], the overall depth will be 16½ ” (419 mm)
  • Available only in beige or black


@Front Pitch Converter is not compatible with STP shelves deeper than 18″ (457 mm).