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Wide Span Molding Rack Beams

WSFB……Wide Span Front Beam
NL……Nominal Length
48″ to 96″ in 12″ increments
(1219 mm to 2438 mm in
304 mm increments)

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  • Add Molding Rack Beams and Vertical Divider Arms to standard Wide Span Frames to create an attractive Molding Rack
  • Beam Kits include top, middle, bottom and front beams
  • Mount front beam one slot higher than rear beam for a sloped deck; adding a front retainer beam keeps molding in place
  • Secure beams by bolting through frames in all situations
  • Individual Beams:
    • Top Beam–2″ standoff
    • Middle Beam–8″ standoff
    • Bottom Beam–14″ standoff
  • Standard finishes: Sahara or Blue Gray