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Tubular Metal Bumper System

TMBS….. Tubular Metal Bumper System
NW…..Nominal Width 30″ to 48″ in 6″ increments
(762 mm to 1219 mm in 152 mm increments)
ND…..Nominal Depth 10″ to 24″ in 2″ increments
(254 mm to 610 mm in 51 mm increments)
OPT….. S=Starter
EC=End Cap Unit

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  • Designed to help prevent damage to base-shelf tag molding from shopping carts, pallet jacks, and floor buffers
  • Starter includes bumper and two mounting brackets
  • Add-on includes bumper tube and splicer bracket
  • End Cap is designed to mount on Wall Sections at end of gondola runs where wall-section width matches width of gondola
  • TMBS(NW)(ND)EC cannot be used by itself; it requires the TMBS Starter and Add-on sections