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Storage Shelving Uprights

SS……Storage Shelving
TYPE……EU=End Upright
CU=Center Upright
NH……Nominal Height
48″ to 168″ in 12″ increments
(1219 mm to 4267 mm in 305 mm increments)

To preclude overturning, height of the topmost loaded shelf
cannot exceed the section depth x 6, unless all uprights are
properly anchored or braced externally.

Minimum of 3 section depth retainers required per
center or end upright pair and may or may not have shelf
or hangrod application– see component requirements.


  • Modified keyhole tab and slot design assures secure interlocking of all components
  • Versatile one inch OC slotting allows maximum space usage
  • End Upright = 1½” x 1½”
    Center Upright = 31/8″ x 1½”
  • Vertical shelf spacing greater than 60″ is not recommended
  • Standard finish: Sahara or Blue Gray

SS Chart