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Sliding Peg Panels, Regular-Duty

SPP….. Sliding Peg Panel
DOOR….. Blank=Peg Panel
2W=2″ (51 mm) OC Wire Panel
NW…..Nominal Width 18″ or 24″
(457 mm or 610 mm)
NH…..Nominal Height See Chart

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  • Single panel increases peggable space by nearly 50%
  • Double panels increase peggable space by nearly 100%
  • Attaches with Vertical Divider Bar at top and Base Shelf on bottom
  • Order Vertical Divider Bar [VDB-(NW)] separately for the top
  • Order as nominal heights and based on the height of the upright
  • Bottom channel to be used on the Base Shelf and if the desired height is to place the Vertical Divider Bar at the top of the upright only order with 5″ (127 mm) base height
  • If 7″ (178 mm) base shelf height is used, order 6″ (125 mm) less than nominal height, result will be the top Vertical Divider Bar is approximately 6″ (125 mm) shorter than the top of the upright