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Modified Wire Truss Shelf

MWTS…..Modified Wire Truss Shelf
NW…..Nominal Width 24″, 36″, or 48″
(610 mm, 914 mm, or 1219 mm)
ND…..Nominal Depth 12″ to 30″ in 2″ increments
(305 mm to 762 mm in 51 mm increments)
TAG….. Tag Mold Option-Uplip:
DGA2PU=Painted Finish-Different than shelf
DGA2AU=Silver Finish
Tag Mold Option-Downlip:
DGA2PD=Painted Finish-Different than shelf
DGA2AD=Silver Finish

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  • Heavy-gauge wire construction
  • To retain product, 1″ (25 mm) high lips may be installed down at front and up at rear, or vice versa
  • Notched corners accommodate Truss Shelf Posts {TSP-(NH)] (ordered separately)
  • Wire Basket Brackets, MBWB-(ND), attach easily and are required to mount the Modified Wire Truss Shelf to Standard Upright (ordered separately)
  • Load capacity is 150 lbs