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Lighted Upper Shelf Assembly Step Back Shelf

LUSASTB……Lighted Upper Shelf Assembly
Step Back Shelf
NL……No Light
NW……Nominal Width 3′ or 4′
(914 mm or 1219 mm)
ND……Nominal Depth
18″ to 30″ in 2″ increments
(457 mm to 762 mm in 51 mm increments)
OPT2…… Step Option
4=4″ (102 mm)
6=6″ (152 mm)
OPT3…… Top Option
TG=Tempered Glass
CA=Clear Acrylic
FA=Frosted Acrylic
ND=No Deck


  • Shelf assembly uses LEDge Light [LLS(NL)], ordered separately
  • Use with standard Maxi Line
  • Merchandise display area is overall shelf depth minus 4 5/16″ (110 mm) or minus 6 17/32″ (166 mm), respectively
  • Sign holders accept customer-supplied signage up to 3/16″ (5 mm) thick; either 4″ or 6″ (102 mm or 152 mm) high; and in lengths equal to nominal shelf width
    minus 1/16″ (2 mm)
  • Load capacity is 100 lbs


Order LEDge Light. LLS(NL) separately.


Madix does not recommend using lighted shelves with merchandise that is sensitive to slightly warmer temperatures or direct exposure to light.