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TYPE….. KP=Standard, OFK=Open Front
NL…..Nominal Length 3′ or 4′ (914 mm or 1219 mm)
NH…..Nominal Height 5″ or 7″ (127 mm or 178 mm)


  • Standard Kickplate has electrical knockout
  • Open Front Kickplate designed to permit cleaning under shelving as required by
    some local codes
  • Both types snap-in, snap-out without disturbing the Base Shelf
  • Fully floating feature allowing flush fit against uneven floors
  • Actual height Standard Kickplates measure 1″ (25 mm) less than nominal height
  • Kickplates of either closed or open type must be installed on shelving runs
  • Standard finishes: Satin Black


To Order for Maxi Line Sections:
G454-S520-HP-NB-OFK (Open Front Kickplate)