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Fitting Room Upright for Outside Merchandising

FRV2….. Fitting Room
UOM…..Upright Outside Merchandising
OPT1….. Sides Slotted 3 or 4
OPT2….. Channel Configuration
2R, 2 or 3
NH…..Nominal Height 96″ or 108″
(2438 mm or 2743 mm)

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  • Keyslot feature allows use of Fitting Room Outside Tube Mount FRV2OTM(NH) slotted uprights for outside merchandising
  • Connects wall panels together utilizing keyslot feature
  • Welded side angles ensure occupant privacy while providing a secure wall-to-wall connection
  • Pre-installed leveling leg allows for easy height adjustment for unlevel floors up to 1 1/2″ (38 mm)