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End Frame, Pegboard Exterior and Hardboard Interior Panels

EF….. End Frame
NH…..Nominal Height 48″ to 96″ in 6″ increments
(1219 mm to 2438 mm in 152 mm increments)
NW…..Nominal Width 24″ to 48″ in 6″ increments
(610 mm to 1219 mm in 152 mm increments)
00…..No Offset
5….. 5″ Base Height
P….. Pegboard Panel
H…..Hardboard Left-Hand Interior Panel
H…..Hardboard Right-Hand Interior Panel

Finish Code
FIN1….. Frame
FIN2….. Exterior Panel
FIN3….. Left-Hand Interior Panel
FIN4….. Right-Hand Interior Panel


  • Standard End Frame Interior Panels are recessed around Upright in order to flush
    against the Upper Shelves of gondola
  • Recess is positioned for equal Base Shelves or optional offset Base Shelves
  • Gondola Base End Covers, UEC’s, or VC’s are not required if a Metal End Flat is used
  • If Metal End Flat is not used, End Frame Upright End Cover [UECEF-(COLOR)] or
    Vertical Cover (VC-06 for 5″ base or VC-08 for 7″ base must be ordered separately
  • End Frame cannot be used with Hypermaxi system

Load Capacity

  • Total maximum load for all shelves installed on End Frame may not
    exceed 400 lbs
  • If the first three adjacent sections do not have shelves installed, an End Frame Stabilizer and all included hardware must be used


Use only Partially Assembled Metal End Flat (PAPMEF)
Do not use with Heavy-Duty Uprights, use TOEM’s for HDU


If using a Standard Upper Shelf [SUS-(NW)(ND)] on this product it will reduce load capacity of the Standard Upper Shelf by half.