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Captive Wood Tag Molding

SWAM….. Sherwin Williams Autumn Maple
CT….. Captive
NL…..Nominal Length 24″, 36″ or 48″
(610 mm, 914 mm, or 1219 mm)


  • Molding will hold a plastic or paper tag in the front of the molding of the size shown
  • Finishes: Sherwin Williams Autumn Maple #3112-B and Minwax Cherry #235
  • Other finishes availble, contact your Sales Representitive
  • Tag mold is pre-assembled onto Madix Standard Upper and Base Shelves
    Example: SUS-418SWMCT
  • Can be ordered seperately and installed by customer, screwed to the metal tag from the back, SWAMCT-(NL)
  • Minimum order is 400′ (121.92 m); for example, 100 shelves in 4′ (1219 mm) segments