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Bulk Display Bin

BBDB…..Bulk Ball Display Bin
NH…..Nominal Height 66″, 72″, 78″ (1676 mm, 1829 mm, 1981 mm)
NW…..Nominal Width 36″ or 48″ (914 mm or 1219 mm)
ND…..Nominal Depth 18″ or 24″ (457 mm or 610 mm)
GH…..Grid Height 10″ or 22″ (254 mm or 559 mm)
OPT…..Elastic Cord Quantity Option
Blank=Standard Quantity of Chords
17 Cords for 36″W (914 mm) or 23 Cords for 48″W (1219 mm)
1= Every Other Cord
3= Every Third Cord
4= Every Fourth Cord

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  • Provides an ideal way to display merchandise of all sizes and shapes
  • Bungee cords allow for easy access to merchandise inside bin
  • Customers may easily pull merchandise in and out of display
  • Designed to be placed on either a 48″ x 18″ (1219 mm x 457 mm) or 48″ x 24″ (1219 mm x 610 mm) Maxi Line Base Shelf, or it may be used as a freestanding unit
  • For information on additional sizes and cord options, please contact your Madix sales representative
If used on a Base Shelf, the Bulk Display Bin must be securely attached with included hardware to ensure safety.