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Base Shoe Straight-In Locking, Two Height

BSSIL2H….. Base Shoe Straight-In Locking, Two Height
ND…..Nominal Depth 10″ to 30″ in 2″ increments
(254 mm to 762 mm in 50 mm increments)
1205….. 12″ Height to 5″ Height
(305 mm Height to 127 mm Height)
OPT….. L=Left-Hand
R=Right Hand

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  • Changes base height from a 5″ (127 mm) high base to a 12″ (305 mm) high base within the same run and on the same side of the shelving
  • May be done without the need to stop and start the run
  • May be ordered as a left hand or right hand
  • How to determine LH or RH: Stand in front of and face the shelving run; Base Shoe to the Left is LH, and to the Right is RH