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In December, Madix acquired the Texas assets of Panel Processing, Inc., a longtime partner of ours.  We purchased the company’s Texas business unit, which includes the factory and equipment located in Jacksonville, Texas.

This acquisition includes physical resources such as buildings and machinery, but most importantly, we will add a talented new workforce.  Casey Wiley, Madix’ Director of Human Resources, describes the new employees as “having a great work ethic, being very skilled, and averaging about 14 years of experience at woodworking.”

This move will help Madix control quality, improve efficiency of distribution, diversify our business, and make us more responsive to our customers.  Adding the Jacksonville factory and its talented workforce will expand Madix’ manufacturing capabilities as it relates to wood production.  It will improve our ability to cut, punch, and curtain coat panel components.

We are committed to growing our business and supporting the retail industry.