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Luxe Fixture

Luxe is the softer approach to metal fixtures, allowing retailers to create fashionable, multifunctional displays without hassle or added expense. Clean lines and rounded edges give Luxe the upscale appearance of a custom look, while the use of Maxi Line and Tube Line accessories maintain the efficiency and affordability of standard cataloged products. (Patent pending.)


luxe fixture

  • Luxe features a unique, patent-pending slotting system that is compatible with standard Maxi Line and Tube Line shelving, accessories, and other merchandising pieces
  • Integrative back panel systems that are made of wire and perforated metal
  • Slotted posts give retailers the capability to extend the fixture in four directions
  • Versatile options ranging from tables to freestanding units
  • Unique post system can also be attached to walls
  • Upgrades and re-configurations are simple and efficient

luxe wall unit

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