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Security Cabinet Lock-Up Systems

Manufactured using heavy-steel tubing, this locking display cabinet integrates seamlessly with gondola runs to secure high-risk and/or controlled-access merchandise. Door-panel options include acrylic, glass, and wire grid; standard Madix shelving and side panels (metal and wood) are also compatible. Add vertical BEAM Canopy Lights and LEDge LED Shelf Lights to create a display that’s both beautiful and functional.

Doors include BEST/Delta compatible lock housing. Lock cores provided by customer and can be purchased from DeltaLock using part number
XI CORE 7E BCUNCO (specify “Keyed Alike” or “Keyed Different”).
Standard Upper Shelves need to be nominal depth -2″ and Straight-in
Insertion Three Position needs to be nominal depth -3″.

Security Cabinet Lock-Up System

LEDge Light Detail

BEAM Detail

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