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Maxispan shelving is the most effective use of floor space for above-display storage. It completely spans continuous gondola runs when Hypermaxi’s height precludes its use, and yet it still gives you the load capacity of our Pallet Rack system. High load capacity and space saving efficiency in a single highly customizable solution.

  • Maxispan must be anchored to floor
  • Each frame requires 4 anchors
  • Maxispan column load capacity is 11,000 lbs. Use this figure in the column loading chart to determine the beam loading per section, or consult your Madix representative for specific capacities for your application
  • Spacing over 98″ (1219 mm) vertically reduces column load capacity due to lack of support to channel
  • When lowest beam is 48″ (1219 mm) or higher from floor, always secure frame to floor


Column load capacity is 11,000 lbs when the bottom of the first beam in no more than 98″ (2489 mm) from the floor.


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