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@Front for Refrigerated Applications

AtFront for Refrigerated Applications

Create a perfectly stocked shelf instantly with @Front! @Front incorporates multiple small, rolling tracks that work with gravity to automatically feed cooler merchandise to front of shelf, cutting time and labor necessary for store merchandising and facing. Dividers can be easily adjusted in mere seconds, accommodating bottled, canned, and boxed goods of varying size and shape. Rolling-track system is fully integrated with the shelf itself, little to no maintenance required. Simply remove the entire shelf for a thorough wash, or wipe the rollers with a damp cloth to remove light dust and debris. Unique, patented design uses all plastic construction, allowing roller replacement from top surface (spare rollers integrated into bottom of every shelf). 5° downtilt improves sight lines for better visual impact than other gravity feed systems. Replaces cumbersome, spring pusher systems.

  • @Front Roller Shelf System for Hussmann and HillPhoenix Coolers
  • @Front is the only NSF listed roller system due to patented design
  • @Front feature: Landing zone to reduce/eliminate roller damage from dropped merchandise
  • @Front snap-in design for replacement rollers; each roller mat includes a package of replacement rollers, attached to the underside of mat
  • @Front design has drain for fluid; fluid collects and rollers become inoperative
  • Easy to clean: remove mat and pressure wash due to all plastic construction
  • Kits are packed two per carton: two shelf frames, two roller mats and two shelves of accessories

@Front Shelf Kit

@Front Shelf Kit Dimensions

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